Upon gaining a doctor’s approval, there has been a growing trend of floating during pregnancy. Some take on floating to help reduce back pain while others just love to hear their baby’s heartbeat underwater – below are some of the benefits many soon to mothers find whilst floating….

Stress Relief for Expectant Mothers

There’s no better time to invest in stress reduction than during a pregnancy. Research has shown that a mother’s stress levels during pregnancy can affect her baby’s development in infancy, and for years beyond. That means that if floating can reduce your stress, it could also help pave the way for healthy lifelong development for your baby.

Better Sleep

Disrupted sleep and insomnia are incredibly common during pregnancy. Floating has been shown to help individuals struggling with insomnia to get a better night’s sleep, and can be a wonderful natural alternative to sleep-inducing medications that many women prefer to avoid during pregnancy.

Magnesium Absorption for Prenatal Health

The mineral magnesium is crucial for a wide range of biological functions, and women are advised to increase their intake during pregnancy. Magnesium is also one of the two components of Epsom salt, used to create the buoyancy in a float tank (the other is sulfate). Since magnesium can be absorbed through the skin as well as through food or dietary supplements, floating is an excellent way to ensure pregnant women are meeting their recommended intake of the important mineral.

Physical Comfort During Pregnancy

Of course, the most obvious benefit of floating while pregnant is its inherent physical comfort. Almost all women experience aches and pains – back, hips, knees and feet this can be a challenge from carrying the excess weight of a baby – the weightless sensation of a float tank provides immediate relief. Women can float in the “prone position”: lying facedown, with their elbows resting on the bottom of the tank and their chin in their hands, or arms folded onto of the supplied pillow with their head resting to one side and it is completely safe to lay on their back due to the weightlessness of the surroundings.

Feeling ‘In Tune’ with your Baby

Some women report enhanced feelings of the baby’s movements during floating, including the heartbeat, further enhancing their emotional bond with their unborn baby.

Women that are in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy are able to float after seeking advice from their healthcare provider.

What should you tell your healthcare provider about floating

  • The water is heated to exactly the skin temperature of the body (34.5C) and your core body temperature will not rise
  • The water contains 300KG’s of Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salt) which will allow anyone to float effortlessly
  • The water is filtered to less than 20microns, pH balanced, sanitised with a minimum of 2ppm of bromine
  • There is direct airflow through the tank with specially designed ventilation system to encourage air flow and direction
  • Lights and safety alarms are also available for your comfort